Posted by: Matt D. | May 23, 2007


Hello and welcome to everyone.
I’m very excited to have Be Like Water up and running. The concept behind BLW is, as the tagline say, to live simply and humbly. To me, that means getting rid of what you don’t need in your life. To me, that means if something doesn’t serve a distinct purpose/contribute to your happiness/keep you from going crazy, then you probably don’t need it. For me, a system like GTD makes sense to help limit what has your attention. That said, I am not a black belt in GTD, not yet any way. I am relatively new to the system and I am here to share some of the getting started habits/pains with you to help you out. Even if you are a GTD black belt, I may even be able to help you out, providing you have an open mind. After all, one of the keys to being like water is to open yourself to any source of knowledge.

This blog exists, first and foremost, because of the Dao De Jing and Laozi. The wisdom contained with in is priceless and should be experienced by anyone and everyone.
Second and just as important is the work of Tsai Chih Chung and his translator, Brian Bruya. Without whom, my understanding of the concepts would not be where they are today. I thank them immensely.
I also must thank my wife, Amy, for being supportive of my efforts in this arena particularly and in life generally. I’ve attempted to write before and it hasn’t always come out properly, or at all.
I must also thank my daughter, Indra. She is five months old and she has already given me a lifetime worth of happiness and enlightenment.
Thanks to you for reading and for returning. Let the blogging begin.



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